Anonymous asked: you're disgusting. you have zero respect for women. you're never going to get anywhere in life keeping up that bullshit of a "routine." You think you're so fucking cool. good luck with your lazy redneck life.

Whoever you are, you obviously don’t know me and you’re obviously jealous of me. I know how to get laid, I know how to make friends, I know how to have fun, and I know whoever this is, is a loser. If you have a problem with Brooks Williford, then who the fuck cares? No one. Because no one has a problem with me. So to the person who sent me this, I kind of think I might know who you are…please just fuck off… Literally you have no friends and sit at home talking shit about all the people that are better than you or didn’t accept you.. Always, literally always have some bullshit to say about someone.. And even you know that, so don’t deny it and reply to me with some bullshit paragraph. Immature fucks..